mougins school
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Mougins school недвижимость малайзия

Mougins school

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Mougins School is an international school situated in Mougins , France. It was established in and moved to its present site on the high technology park of Sophia Antipolis in The school was purchased by international education company Globeducate in The purpose-built campus, situated in a pine forest, provides indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, science laboratories, library, arts, and theatre facilities. The School has a one-form entry system educating students aged from three to eighteen representing over thirty countries.

Studies are based on the National Curriculum for England modified to meet the needs of an international market. ESL is available. These include art, volleyball, football, gymnastics, badminton, orienteering, guitar, piano, choir and dramatic art. A parent—teacher association assures social activities for parents and students alike, as well as fund-raising. There is also an active student government that voices the concerns of the students to the faculty.

Read More on School Website Just click the heart and any time you like, visit My Shortlist via the button at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately the school staff is constantly changing. The quality is not actuality. The courses offered are not up to international modern standards.

Math, science, informatiques, business, economic classes are non existent or simply far from up to par. Very disappointed. Mougins school is a nice school and the location is good. The food is better than most schools. Teachers who want to keep very average teaching standards and have an easy life.

Bullying and bad language common. This current year we have seen big improvement. Under new management the school should become the amazing 5 star school it should be. The Mougins School is an amazing place for kids to spend their high school years. If student supply themselves, they will learn and thrive here. I moved here two years ago from the US with my husband and daughter who has since enjoyed two years of happiness in a safe and nurturing environment.

She is excited for the next two years of A-levels with smart and interesting friends from all over the world. We are quite fortunate. Our new headmaster has done a stellar job in his first year. Backed by a teaching career in history and drama, followed by several years at the administrative level at international schools, he has an open door policy that both my husband and I have exercised and, as a result, witnessed positive outcomes.

Coming from the US where sports are well integrated into the schools, I was surprised by the lack of non-football soccer programs. But In France this is not atypical. French families enroll their kids in the extensive village programs. Since my daughter is more reserved and prefers English, I proposed to the school that I start a girls badminton team. With the full support of the administration, the team is up and running and will have their first competition with the nearby international schools next week.

Such fun! When we first toured the school a few years ago, I asked a student who happened to be passing by, what he liked most about the school. Confident, kind and open Kidsfotogen across all age groups! There is still space to further improve but new head and management board have already brought much progress and continue pursuing their ambitious goals!

Rigged system and academically low. Certain subjects are on a low level like Humanities History, Geography. Favoritism to certain students mainly kids of staff. Bullying rife. Focusing on making money out of the parents without any good services in exchange. Inexperienced Head and weak management. After Brexit, difficulties surrounding the school. School with huge potential but badly managed.